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November 2004

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November 16

I'm in a random state of mind tonight.

--First, thank you to all who have sent birthday greetings to me. I haven't had a chance to answer them all, but I will.

--One of my friends who also voted for Kerry really made a good point today. She said she thought a lot of Kerry voters, herself included, had been in a "baseline bad mood" ever since the election. Damn did that ever make a lot of sense, and is definitely true of my mood.

--I finally turned on the heat in the apartment tonight. We're having a set of clear, chilly days this week, and it was finally cool enough in the apartment to want something besides the laptop to warm the place.

--I can't quite get rid of the last of the tendonitis I've been having in my left wrist and hand. I'm having to make a real effort to remember not to grasp things with that hand, or pick up things that are reasonably heavy (like the coffee pot), because either of those two things make it hurt all over again. Typing isn't much of a problem, mercifully.

--Among other things odd about this fall, the trees around me haven't been especially autumnal. There are still quite a few that have just begun to change color, and most of the leaves are still in place. I'm not complaining about this; I like green leaves. But the cold weather mentioned above will take hold, and things should change fairly rapidly.

Okay, enough random for one evening.

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