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November 2004

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November 9

An update. I had a chance to mention to one of the co-chairmen of the unit owners' association my complaint about the car-detailing man. Turns out said chairman doesn't like the detailing being done in the parking lot, either, but his main complaint isn't the noise; it's that the detailer has been known to block traffic. The matter will be brought up at the next meeting of the association's board.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I've been thinking tonight about the upcoming holidays. I was planning things to make, mainly. I hadn't planned to do any shopping, but one online merchant wanted me to do just that. It was an offer I had to turn down, though, because I don't think most of my friends would appreciate it if I gave them firearms for Christmas.

Yes, that's right, I got offered what the writer said were really good deals on weapons.

And if I didn't want weapons, perhaps I'd like to order drugs. No, not those for which one would go to the local drugstore. Ones for which one would go to the local dealer. Umm, no, not planning to start being a supplier, either.

When I got to that paragraph, I started wondering if the whole message was some sort of really bad joke. Either way, I deleted it.

But I do wonder how many people will try placing orders.

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