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November 2004

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November 8

Non-election bitching.

There is a man in the area whose entreprenurial skill I admire. I do not, however, admire where he chooses to practice his trade. It happens he details (thorough cleaning, inside and out) cars on-site. Many of his customers want their cars detailed while they work, so he comes to various business places. Today he was at our office complex.

He was parked in such a manner that the compressor he uses was really close to my office, and he had several customers this afternoon. If you're thinking that from 1:30 until slightly past 4:30 p.m. I was pretty much hearing what sounds like a jackhammer, you're right. And silly me, I didn't think I'd need earplugs at the office today.

And if you're thinking that I plan to complain to the complex's unit owners association about it, you're also right. Before I do that, I'm going to check with the therapists who have the office space above ours, to see whether or not the noise interferes with their sessions with patients.

The noise from the compressor has annoyed me before. What was different this time, and why I really am pissed, is that he usually only has one customer per session. I can tolerate his noise for a short time. This was just relentless.

As I said, I admire his entreprenurial skill. His is a good idea, and follows one of the prime rules for starting a business: find a niche and fill it. But there has to be a less annoying way to do it.

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As always on this day, I think particularly about my father.

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