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October 2004

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October 26

A ranty hodgepodge tonight.

I sometimes wonder if there's a problem with my sense of humor; if it lacks something necessary to finding certain things funny. And I've decided that even if there is a problem with me, I like how my mind works and I'm keeping it.

What set off this one was talking with a friend today about how I do not find it at all amusing when someone from outside the region writes or says something that is supposed to be amusing about North Carolina and/or the South, but winds up coming out with what sounds like a disparaging remark.

I guess it's that I have personal rules about who can make what joke. Those rules boil down to this: if you haven't already proved to me by word or deed that you have a real appreciation for insert-subject-here, then keep your damned mouth shut when it's time to joke.

One of the things I particularly don't find amusing is people mocking our speech patterns. For the record: most of us, if we're going to repronounce "Carolina," do so by dropping the "o." Which we frequently pronounce as, "uh," when we do include it. Often, though, the second word of the state's name sounds a lot like, "carelina."

While I'm on a rant here, I've heard several people say they dislike John Edwards' accent. Umm, find a better reason, please. If you don't like his political stand, fine. If you don't like him because he's a lawyer, well, I have a problem with you on that one, but at least it makes some sense.

But to dislike him, or anyone else, strictly based on accent, is really, really shallow, especially if you don't follow it with, "He sounds just like someone I knew at x-point in my life who hurt me."

Next verse: if your only knowledge of personal injury lawyers is from those ads which imply ambulance chasing of the worst sort, trust me: those people are not truly representative of the profession.

Okay, enough ranting for one evening.

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