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October 2004

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October 24

The cold seems to be subsiding. I've spent a lot of the weekend resting and taking care of myself. There are times when I wish there was another person helping out when I'm sick, but frankly, I'd just as soon be alone with my germs.

I appreciate the e-mail messages I got regarding this cold. The sympathy was lovely.

So in my awake time, I've had a chance to get caught up with some websites. I've read. I've watched television. I've avoided housework. I've spent some time thinking about crafts things, though I haven't been awake long enough to actually do anything with those thoughts.

I've also pondered the thought processes used by those who came up with the idea of packing tissue boxes so full that the first several tissues rip when you pull then from the box. That's really annoying. Especially if you really, really need the whole tissue and need it right that minute.

I concluded those people are sadists.

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