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October 2004

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October 16

The pace at the office on Friday was calmer than earlier in the week. It was a welcome day of decompression. Two of the attorneys were at continuing education sessions for the day, and a third took the afternoon to do some things out of the office.

One of our associate attorneys (the newer one, who never really got a journal nickname) has decided to take a leave of absence. This is a good time for that to happen, since he was at the endpoint of the work he had been doing.

But it meant I had some explaining to do to a certain Golden Retriever. After her trip with Wendy to take the outgoing mail and visit her buddies along the way to the mailbox, Zoe came to get her afternoon treat from me. I came back to the lobby to finish something I had started at Kathy's desk, and Zoe came to see me again.

She had a puzzled expression on her face, which I took to mean she wanted to know what in the world was going on with her people and where were they, anyway? So I listed off the names and locations of each person. Apparently that did the trick; the puzzled expression faded. As to why she wanted to hear it from me, I think in Zoe's rules I was in charge of whereabouts for the day.

I'm glad I knew the answers. I hate looking stupid in front of the boss.

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