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October 2004

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October 14

Heavy-duty didn't rear its head today, so things were fairly quiet at the office. I had a chance to tell Kathy one of the backstories, about Youngling, the attorney who was with us through tax season in 2003. By the way, that entry from 2003 is one of my favorites.

After work, I ran a couple of errands, and was reminded again how nice it is to have lived here long enough to be known. It may sound silly to be that happy over not being asked for identification when I wrote a check, but it was nice to be told, "We know you."

With my spirit thus fed, I came home and watched television for a while, before dozing off to sleep. I needed the nap, because the lawn care people had a convention of leaf blowers outside my bedroom window very early this morning.

I can get by on less sleep than a lot of people, but it helps if my sleep isn't noisily interrupted. But hey---by the time I wanted to nap, it was way too dark to blow leaves or do much of anything else outside.

Although its passage won't do me a bit of good since I don't live in the Town of Chapel Hill, a proposal to ban leaf blowers is on the agenda for the Town Council there. Sometimes I think the rules passed in Chapel Hill are a little silly. This one, I could applaud. I hate that noise with a passion I usually reserve for things much more important.

And on that note, I think I'll go back to sleep.

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