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October 2004

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October 13

We are going through something heavy-duty at the office. This is one that's affecting all of us who work there, and is taking its toll. So, today we did what any group of overly-stressed people would do: we ate chocolate candy. Lots of little bars of chocolate candy got consumed by lots of people during the course of the day.

It helps (hurts?) that all the local stores have Halloween candy in plentiful supply. In one store, it's across the aisle from the display of diet books. No, I'm not kidding.

Before I got to the office, I stopped by the local license plate agency to get the sticker for my car. The deadline for having the sticker on the license plate is October 15. I really meant to make that purchase several weeks ago, online, and flat forgot about it. I think I'm so used to going to the store to get it that I can't quite wrap my brain around doing it another way.

But before I could go to the license plate agency, I needed to get some money to pay for the sticker. In the last few years, they've started taking checks, but for some reason I never remember that. It's as foreign to me as getting the sticker online seems to be.

And the bank's computer was down for part of the morning. I could check on that from home, and left here a few minutes after it came back online. I got to the automated teller machine and made my withdrawal, then got in a short line at the agency.

A woman in line a couple of spots ahead of me gave me pause when she was talking with the clerk. She was speaking in a voice that I couldn't help hearing, and she sounded for all the world like someone I really don't like. I knew it was a different person, but all the same, I wanted her to shut up.

That didn't happen. Turned out she finished with her clerk about the same moment I finished getting my sticker, so we walked out of the store together. She decided I needed to hear why it was that she needed to come in to do her sticker purchasing, and I decided the only thing to do was listen. Anything else was likely to get me in trouble.

I, for one, was ready for the chocolate cure before the workday actually began. I'm just glad we had the ample supply.

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