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October 2004

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October 12

One of the first things I heard after I got to the law firm this afternoon was Associate 1 asking, "Where's Becky?" Since I had the answer to that one, I spoke up. I'm glad she wanted to find me, because she had really good news to share.

The young man whose assault I wrote of here is continuing to recover. He is now able to walk. He has lost the hearing in one ear, and it is not known whether or not that will be recovered. He is also struggling to recover from other effects of the head trauma he suffered. But we are overjoyed to hear of the progress he has made.

I again thank those of you how took the time to write to me after the first entry on this was posted. And thanks to those who sent prayers, thoughts, vibes, good juju, whatever you chose, to this young man and his family. Your continued support through the recuperation will be appreciated.

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