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October 2004

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October 11

Some days at work I get so busy that it sneaks up on me that it's time to eat lunch. That was the case today.

But I'm glad to report that my best dogfriend reminded me it was lunchtime. In fact, when she decided I was dawdling too long in the lobby on my way back from taking something to the file room, she came to guide me back to my desk.

After all, someone has to get Zoe's lunch out of my desk drawer. It's ever so much easier for Zoe if I'm the someone, since she doesn't have to show me which drawer needs opening.

Zoe, my best dogfriend

Once again, thanks to Zoe's intervention in the situation, neither she nor I went without a meal. Which is only one of the reasons I'm glad she's part of my life.

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