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October 2004

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October 10

The Belligerent Woman in the shopping center parking lot met her match for a few minutes this afternoon. BW was driving some sort of transfer truck (oh, all right, it was a minivan), and was hell bent she was going to get the last parking space in the lot. Well, as soon as the poor tired shopper already in the space got out of it she was going to get it. And I'm calling her BW because I saw the look on her face.

But then there was the Driver of the Tiny Car. DTC was hidden from view thanks to the glare, so will remain genderless here. And I don't really know who got there first, but they both wanted to be in that same as yet unfree space. Me, I just wanted to go home. I was waiting to turn into the segment of the parking lot where the drama was unfolding, since it's a segment with an exit.

I was beginning to think I should just pull over into the no-parking lane in front of the stores and take a nap. Yes, it was the fire lane, but I figured all the horn-blowing by the BW and the DTC if a fire truck got in their way would wake me if needed.

Instead, I stayed where I was and watched the turn signals flash. The two cars were arranged in such a way that the driver of the car trying to leave the parking lot was having a hard time backing out of the much-coveted space. Neither one was willing to move to allow the space to be cleared.

The driver finally managed to get out of the space, and headed out of the lot by another route from that I was trying to take. DTC noticed that in the interim another person had finished shopping and was also attempting to leave the same area of the lot, so DTC ceded the first open space to BW and took the second one.

Since the show was over, and the way cleared, I got in the lane I needed to be in to leave the arena --- err, parking lot. I wondered if BW and DTC would engage in a battle of the shopping carts at the checkout lanes. But I didn't want to know bad enough to turn around and try to find another parking space.

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