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October 2004

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Revisiting an Opening Up -- October 8

A year ago I shared some private information in a journal entry. Writing that entry, opening up and sharing that information, was a very good thing for me. It helped some people get to know me a little better. It led some people to share their stories with me. In short, it opened up more than a few doors.

And no, there have been no regrets.

During the year since, I've had occasion to write other entries on some aspects of that one, most notably on depression from my vantage point. I've also written more about my back troubles in various entries, and mentioned a bit more about the less-than-pleasant part of being my mother's child.

Since there really hasn't been much of anything to say about sex, that one hasn't shown up in these subsequent entries. Suffice it to say that I'm still sorting out how I feel about that subject. I'm still open to possibilities.

Insofar as possible, I've written some about work, especially about the wonderful day a certain letter was read aloud by its author. There hasn't been much freelance work that was interesting enough to write about, but I continue to enjoy doing it.

So I'm definitely glad I wrote that entry last October. I'm glad I went outside my prior comfort zone and told you a few of the more private things about myself. And I am honored that you took my openness in the spirit in which it was offered. That has encouraged me more than I can say.

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