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October 2004

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October 6

A few years ago, a friend was telling about her father's method of collecting all the trash in the house on garbage night, and what a production he made of it. It involved a room-by-room trek and a great deal of precision.

When she finished telling me about his routine, I said it reminded me of a drum major's performance leading the band in a routine. I went on to ask if he had a shako hat to wear for the occasion.

Well, that friend has sort of never forgiven me for that joke, even though we both enjoyed it at the time. She still has occasion to see her father collecting trash, and has to bite her tongue to keep from telling him what I said.

And today she got me back. She had enjoyed the comment in yesterday's entry about halftime shows, and suggested that I might want to picture the notable women of the political parties as the majorettes.

I've been doing that, and picturing others in the parties, including the candidates for various offices from the highest on down, as part of the band. It's not quite as funny as her father with a shako hat, but it's getting there!

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