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October 2004

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October 5

It dawned on me tonight that I'm not at all sure I'm any good at being a grown-up. Oh sure, I manage to pull off the big things, like going to work and paying the bills. But on a purely personal level, I think I'm somewhere around age ten.

Don't tell anyone, okay? I don't want to give up the fun parts of being a grown-up, like driving and not having to go to school and being able to stay up late if I want to do that.

What brought about this stunning revelation was at least in large part realizing that I really didn't want to watch the Vice-Presidential candidates in their debate, but my inner grown-up told me I had to, anyway, even though I've already long since decided for whom I'll vote. So I let the grown-up me win that round, and I did watch.

I didn't hear anything that made me change my mind, in case you're curious.

My inner child did find the post-debate rehash to be amusing. It was interesting to see the bigger kids talking about which man did the better job, and who will win on November 2. It reminded me of high school sports rivalries, only substitute "election" for "football game."

Hmm. I may be onto something. Perhaps politics as a whole would be more palatable if they included marching bands at halftime.

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