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September 2004

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September 27

Between the crocheting and the typing and the piano playing and the fact that I'm ambidextrous enough to do a lot of stuff left-handed, I have managed to have a particularly bad siege of tendonitis in my left wrist in recent days.

It really showed itself this afternoon, when I was typing something at work and realized I could no longer stand the position my thumb had to be in to make the spacebar work on the keyboard.

The spacebar has been getting more and more finicky, in terms of where it wanted to be touched in order to give the desired result. And today I realized that every time I hit the spacebar's sweet spot with my left thumb, I was causing a real pain in my wrist.

Since I had already tried all the available remedies for the spacebar, I finally admitted defeat. There is an extra computer at the office, so I swapped keyboards. I did put a note on the one I was leaving, informing the unsuspecting that the keyboard had a very finicky spacebar.

And it's a shame, really, because I liked that keyboard. I don't think the company is still making keyboards just like that one anymore, though it's within five years old. I'll check around, but in the meantime, the newer keyboard I got in the exchange is working just fine.

My thumb definitely is pleased.

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