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September 2004

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September 21

Today was a long day, and I came home tired. I think I was more worried about a repeat of yesterday's sunlight escapade than I realized. I know I was greatly relieved when I got home without incident.

There was an amusing moment yesterday, following the sunlight escapade. In the mail there was an envelope addressed to me from the national body of my political party of choice. At least I think it was addresed to me.

It had my first and middle names correct, but my last name was truncated. Let me give you a clue if you're in charge of mail merges: go for the last name. Most of us are much more likely to think it's fine to use initials for our first and middle names, as long as you get the last name correct.

Now I know a lot of you don't know my last name. I'm not planning to put it in this entry, either. But I'll tell you it's a fairly common one, without so many letters that it needs to have most of the last syllable omitted. It's been done correctly any number of times by all the major word processors.

In this particular instance, I just threw the letter away instead of either trying to have the problem fixed or getting mad about it. But it did cross my mind that I should have replied, returning the favor and truncating the signer's last name.

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