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June 2004

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June 22

The events of this summer seem to be the deeply private kind; ones I'm privy to because of relationship with one or the other of the participants. The situations have made me look deep inside myself, and in at least one case pull up some old memories.

I decided a while back to be more open in my writing here. That openness, the willingness to share what I've learned from the events of my life, has for a long time been available to my friends. And that's the case this summer.

In sharing what I've learned from my life's experiences, I'm in a way giving back. I have always found it enormously helpful to be able to talk things out with my friends, and to learn from their sharing of life experiences. I have learned so very much about life from the experiences of others that I think it would be a sin to keep mine completely to myself, if they can be of use to someone else.

One thing that I want to point out again is that people of all ages have had life exeriences from which others can learn. I still find it offensive that the ideas and experiences of people of any specific age group are dismissed singly on the basis of age. Most of the experiences I'm drawing on this summer, for example, happened before I was age 19.

It can be challenging to pull out those old memories. Some of them are not at all pleasant. But it's also very, very good for me to be reminded that something good can come from even truly bad experiences.

It is my privilege to share.

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