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June 2004

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June 20

It's been a peaceful weekend here. I did errands, I did chores, and I napped. Mostly, I napped. Last week had been busy and complicated and I think I mentioned busy. So the right answer was get some extra sleep. There isn't much else to say about napping, and the chores were the usual ones.

The errands were the usual ones, too, to the local grocery and drugstore. I keep thinking I should borrow Sister Betty's idea and take my camera with me whenever I leave the apartment to run errands. But I haven't gotten around to remembering to do so.

Of course, if I had taken the camera, you'd have a good idea what the inside of my car looks like (it's blue) and what the outside of the stores look like (red brick).

The in-the-car time this errand trip included a few minutes where I was sitting in the passenger seat of the car, rebagging the groceries because some things just do not work when smushed into the same bag, no matter what the clerk thinks.

So why was I in the passenger seat? Well, the groceries were, for the most part, in the driver's seat since the SUV that pulled in beside my passenger side was too close to allow me to get the cart between it and my car.

To add insult to that, the twit driving said SUV wanted to leave while I was doing the rebagging, so I had to get completely into the car and shut the door. Otherwise, I'm fairly sure she would have taken it with her.

Hmm. That would have been an interesting picture.

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