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June 2004

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June 14

If it weren't so absurd, I'd be worried.

I got spam today announcing that my academic credentials have been recalled. I didn't take the time to read before deleting, but since the only communications I've received from UNC-CH in the last little while have not included a request for the deframing and immediate return of my diploma, I think I'll just not get upset.

Oh wait---that said "recalled." I wonder if the writer meant it in the same sense that defective automobiles are recalled. If so, perhaps my diploma needs to be reprinted. Nah, the one I have looks just fine, and it even has Bill Friday's autograph on it. That one's definitely not in need of a reprint.

Or maybe the writer meant recalled as in remembered. This isn't a reunion year for my class, but I'm delighted to have it remembered that I graduated. That was a major step in my life, and it's nice that the spammers are honoring it.

Having given this matter some thought over the course of the day, I'm now thinking I should have replied. I could have included a lot of academic stuff, including jargon, in my reply.

And, for good measure, I could have ended it with a verse of the school song.

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