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June 2004

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June 4

A tale of two Friday, June 4ths, separated by thirty-three years. On the first of those two, I graduated from high school. On this one, I contemplated the ensuing years.

High school graduation was a major deal to me because it meant I would never again have to share air space with those who had badgered me and picked on me. I could go away to college and never have to hear again the jealous bleating of, "Your mother got you your grades," as though the only reason I had good grades was that my mother was a teacher. I wrote more on the subject in 2001.

So it was with great pleasure that I received my high school diploma. The ceremony itself was pleasant. Going out to dinner afterward with my mother and some friends was wonderful. Realizing I had achieved a milestone was excellent.

I have enjoyed the freedoms, academic and otherwise, of the ensuing years. I wasn't that wonderful a student in college, but that's an entry for another day. I did find things in college that interested me. And although I didn't take it further by going to graduate school, I am glad I majored in psychology. People and the workings of their minds fascinate me, and the education has proved itself invaluable time and time again.

So what did I do this June 4? I worked on several projects at the office. I sat at my desk and was enormously pleased that I have a job I love (even if a computer foulup after hours did have me using every variation on the "f" word that I know) where nobody picks on me.

I thought of the few friends from my high school class with whom I still keep in touch, and of the friends I've made since those years. I realized once again that my life is rich and rewarding, and that learning without the unpleasantness of high school was ever so much better.

And I sighed with relief once again that I would never, ever have to go back to high school.

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