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June 2004

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June 3

Back when I worked at the two Non-Profit Agencies, I hated Thursdays. Thursday was the day of the week when certain brochures had to be made ready for groups that would meet over the weekend.

Even though there were clear deadlines for submissions, some people had a tendency to push just as hard as they could to get their submissions in within the last thirty seconds. I could work up to dislike for them, too.

Thursdays, in those days, were the hardest days of my weeks. I learned early on that the best thing to do was make sure I had something basically ready to be eaten without much more preparation, so that I didn't have to remember how to cook on top of remembering where in my apartment I had hidden the kitchen.

And Thursdays that didn't include a nap were rare, so I rarely made plans to do anything after work.

Nowdays I don't have reason to hate Thursdays, but having learned my Thursday lessons a long time back, I still head into the day with certain preparations made. I usually know well in advance what dinner will be, and I rarely promise to do anything on Thursday nights---just in case I need a nap.

Thursdays can still be challenging days. Even without brochures for weekend gatherings. And on Thursdays when I'm not tired enough to want a nap, I can always find some way to use the unscheduled time.

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