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April 2004

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April 20

In the past few days, I've received two crochet requests. One I turned down, because it was for something that wasn't crocheted at all, but looked to have been machine-knitted. I saw that when I enlarged the photograph to get a better look at the garment she wanted me to copy. I told her this, and suggested that she could probably find something quite similar in a clothing store.

The second project I agreed to do, but said I couldn't start on it till this summer, because I'm otherwise occupied. It's for a rather simple afghan, and no, I don't mind making afghans in the summer. I don't know if the start date or the price quoted meet with the expectations of the person who made the request. She hasn't replied to my reply. Such are the vagaries of freelance crochet work!

Off freelance and on to something amusing from the law firm workday: I was opening the mail and found an ad for a publication directed at attorneys in North Carolina. The ad extolled the virtues of the publication, and informed us how to subscribe. We were to send the enclosed card to an address in Massachusetts. Yes, I know about fulfillment centers, etc., but that struck me funny. You'd think they could find at least one such critter in North Carolina.

Yes, I am easily amused.

April 19

Randomness, in two parts:

I am crocheting something with variegated yarn that reminds me very much of ribbon candy. I always enjoy seeing how the colors will come together in variegated yarn, and this particular project is providing me with lots of enjoyment. I told a friend yesterday that crocheting does good things for my soul.

The spam these days seems to be a mixed bag of offers to help me go to college, medication for conditions I don't have, offers to enlarge body parts I don't possess, and offers to refinance my non-existent mortgage. I really feel sorry for anyone who needs all of these things...that would be an undereducated, unwell, underendowed sort whose interest rate is too high.

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