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April 2004

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April 13

Things I did tonight instead of writing much of a journal entry:

Worked on my income tax returns. That's almost as much fun as you think. I will, at least, get a refund from the feds. The state wants more money. Not much, but still.

On my way to doing the taxes, I cleaned out a couple of stacks of paper. Sometimes my packrat tendency even gets on my nerves.

Had a wonderful conversation with my best friend Donna. We covered just about every subject important to us. This means it was a lengthy conversation.

Did things in preparation for going to work tomorrow, commonly referred to in Beckyland as "packing the pocketbook."

Sat down to write, and realized I was really sleepy.

Wrote this list.

April 12

I saw a discussion a while back about whether or not what one chose to read for pleasure should be a hallmark of intellect. In other words, if one read what might be considered easy books, rather than those with shall we say much food for thought, should one be ashamed?

I really don't think so. I couldn't think of a good way to phrase my opinion at the time, so I stayed out of the discussion. Later on, though, I was writing to a friend and my opinion became clear to me.

I am secure in my own intellect, and my reading interests have changed over time. So I don't worry too much about who reads what, or who may do something better than I do. If turning fifty let me give myself permission to be more open about things like depression and sex, turning thirty let me give myself permission not to worry about not being good at certain things and to concentrate my energies on those things I enjoyed.

For the record, turning forty didn't have a watershed attached to it. I was too busy trying to deal with the realities of my mother's situation.

The general theme of the aforementioned discussion included the notion of being intimidated by the readers of the heavier-weight tomes. I advocate not getting intimidated. I recommend realizing one's own gifts and talents, and acting accordingly.

And by all means, read whatever you please.

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