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April 2004

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April 6

Zoe, age ten plus two days

Hi readers, I'm Zoe. I'm doing a guest entry tonight because I made Aunt Becky promise I could have my say after she flashed that dratted camera at me this afternoon. Yeah, that's a picture of me from today, because I had my tenth birthday on Sunday and Aunt Becky has this rule about taking pictures of me having a birthday. Since she's fairly easy for me to manipulate otherwise, I let her get away with a few quirks.

Also, I don't want to make her too mad, because she has opposable thumbs and occasionally they're handy. Like when I want lunch. Lunch, by the way, is what I was staring at in the picture. Aunt Becky said I was through eating, but there was plenty of food left in that bag. Oh, sorry, you can't see the bag; it's on the other side of her desk from where I'm standing.

Yesterday, I came over to Aunt Becky's office kinda late in the afternoon to get some attention, and to let it be known that my water bowl was empty...after all, she was hired to be the Handmaiden to the Golden. Aunt Becky said I should have won an award for my acting talents for the performance I put on. In fact, I know she wrote the following note to a friend last night:

"Zoe turned ten on Sunday. She turned into a drama queen this afternoon, when she needed her water bowl refilled...she came to my office and did a cough-gag-cough routine that would have worked well as the death scene in Camille. When I was sure she wasn't in trouble, I went to check the water bowl. I am well trained."

And you know something, now that I think about it, she's right about being well trained. She knows when I'm in the room and nudge her that I need to be petted. She knows that I get food not only when she has lunch but also after I've been out to walk in the afternoon. And she's usually pretty good about the water bowl fill-ups, too.

I think she loves me.

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