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March 2004

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March 31

In the middle of this week, it's time to say out loud I'm not having a good week. I'm in a bad mood that I'm not doing a good job of shaking. One component of said bad mood was the headache from hell.

I spent almost all day yesterday having a headache that scared me because it was way too much like the one Mother described the week before she was hospitalized for having had a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Even though I was 99 per cent sure the headache was caused from bad posture while asleep Monday night, that it took so very long to go away scared me. In fact, I'm fairly sure I would have actually gone for medical help today if it hadn't quit hurting. Which it did, by about mid-evening Tuesday.

But all that adrenaline from worrying about it stayed around, and kept me awake. So today, which was on the edge of rainy until it finally did rain, I was tired before the day got good and started.

There were frustrations associated with the soggy pre-rain, including people not driving well and more of them having cars than usually do when it came time to find a parking space. When I had finally found a space and was trying to settle into it, I was hounded by some twit who wanted my space.

Apparently she thought I was leaving. Apparently she was really unhappy with me that I was just trying to get straightened out in between the lines, so she double-parked in such a way that I couldn't back out far enough to do any good.

Yes, I know in the great scheme of things that's petty. I'm only telling it because it added a layer to the heaviness of the mood.

There are other layers. I'll spare you the details.

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