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March 2004

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March 21

The second day of spring was spent doing errands and some spring cleaning. The cleaning was actually more fun than the errands.

I feel terribly sorry for parents who are trying to deal with obviously unhappy children in stores. I felt terribly sorry for myself this afternoon, because I had to listen to the unhappy child, who had reached the end of any semblance of polite and all ability to be quiet. This particular child had reached the stage in vocal development where objections are uttered in a shriek.

The mother was trying to soothe the child, who was not quite through being unsoothed, thank you anyway. I really did feel sorry for the mother, and for the unhappy little one. I was, however, quite glad to get away from them and head to the next store on my list. It was a much quieter place.

March 20

Happy first day of my favorite season, spring.

I think one of the reasons I like spring so very much is that it's a soft, gentle season. I am at my absolute happiest when I'm being gentle. Spring, by surrounding me with gentleness, encourages my own.

Spring also brings some of my favorite things back into bloom.

Daddy's Azalea
A foretaste of the visual feast to come.

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