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March 2004

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March 18

Done today:

---Got my chance to hold office grandchild Katie, who brought her mom to visit. Katie pondered the new person holding her, then gave me a couple of smiles.

---Explained to office dog Zoe that no, I didn't love the baby better than I loved her, even if she hadn't had a chance to sit on my lap. Promised Zoe that if she ever needed to sit in my lap, we'd work it out (Zoe is a Golden Retriever, and not particularly desirous of becoming a lap dog).

---Gave Zoe an extra doggie treat, just because.

---Edited and reprinted Powers of Attorney for a client who is finally getting around to wanting to sign her documents two years after asking that they be prepared. The redo was to change the year noted.

---Made a deal with the attorney for said client that if the woman doesn't come in in 2004 to sign, we'll redo them with a space to write in the year.

---Other work items.

---Came home, watched television, and napped.

---Mended a couple of items in desperate need of repair. Let's just say being stabbed by crucial parts of certain of one's garments is never a good thing, and that a few well-placed stitches can prevent that.

---Spent a bit of time figuring out the wording of the above paragraph.

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