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March 2004

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March 17

Some of you are new enough readers that you didn't see the St. Patrick's Day entry last year. It featured this pin, which I tend to refer to as my smartassed St. Patrick's Day pin.

Becky's Leprechaun pin

I wore it again today, of course. Wouldn't want to miss an opportunity.

I spent a bit of the day looking through records to make sure I wasn't supposed to order a book for the law firm. There are two major publishing firms in the legal field, and their competition is pretty fierce sometimes. I don't really like doing business with either of them, but you do what you have to do.

Anyway, today's adventure was courtesy of a sales letter from one of the companies. It said we hadn't purchased this year's version of a book I was pretty sure we weren't planning to buy because we had the same information in a book from the other publisher (these are reference books, updated yearly). I was right; we weren't in need of this company's book.

When I found exactly what I needed to be sure on the matter, I made notes several places to make sure I'll have the information handy for next year's round.

The most annoying thing about this wasn't having to spend time. It was the way the letter from the publisher was worded. We were given three options: keep receiving notices by postal mail, put ourselves on an automatic order plan, or receive notices by e-mail. Did you catch that "never be bothered again" was not an option?

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