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March 2004

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March 7

Bev has made a request of her readers. I thought I'd help spread the word. Any of you in the Chicago area are particularly asked to follow that link.

Today has been spent doing one of two things: housework or e-mail. The latter was more fun than the former, by the way, but the former was necessary and satisfying in its own way.

Then in the evening the rain came. Apparently, a set of storms came close to me, but I missed the sound and light show. The fairly high winds did cause a few power flickers, but no real outages. From what I heard on the news, people in other parts of the state had it a lot worse.

And just to prove that Mother Nature does not let her seasons get away from her, we are told there may be snow flurries Tuesday night. That's right, folks, joys abounding! But it's supposed to be too warm for the flurries to do anything interesting, like snow us in.

If you think I'm happy that the temperature will be too warm to allow the snow to disrupt the week, you're right!

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