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February 2004

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February 12

The next installment in an occasional series. As in the earlier ones, these comments are addressed to ten separate people, called simply, "you." The comments are not intended to reflect the entire relationship I have with the person of whom I write. The earlier ones are here, here, here, here, here, and here.

First you, your place in my heart is secure.

Second you, I am not sure I trust you. That disturbs me.

Third you, I am incredibly grateful that our friendship exists. That it does fascinates me.

Fourth you, as the expression goes, you done good.

Fifth you, you are a large bit of an enigma.

Sixth you, I am paying you close attention.

Seventh you, things will get better. I promise I will stick around.

Eighth you, I admire your spirit. I hope never to intrude on it.

Ninth you, you are a godsend and continue to favorably impress me.

Tenth you, I am sorry for your pain. I wish you better management of it.

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