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January 2004

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January 31

This is a beautiful piece of writing. Anything else I could say about it would be superfluous.

The journal linked above is one I really came to know during Holidailies. The writer is someone who also posts to one of my favorite message boards, which is why I went looking at the journal when I saw it on the Holidailies list.

Message boards and the people who post on them have been on my mind today. A multi-part question was raised on one of them, and I'm deliberately not linking, about whether or not the board's tone had shifted.

I've tried, with no success so far, to come up with a response to that question. I've been a participant in that board since the day it started. I have made friends there. And there would be a hole in my day if for some reason the board went missing. But I'm not sure whether or not the board's tone has changed.

The questioner went on to ask whether or not an influx of new people posting had created a change. That part, I do know---yes, in many ways it has. Any time there are more people expressing opinions, there are more opinions expressed. And new people ask new questions, and so on and so on.

Something else I know in regard to the board is which areas on it feel most familiar to me, and where I don't usually want to go. It is certainly possible that areas where I don't go have had a more easily discerned change in tone than the areas where I do my reading and posting.

Much food for thought. As always, I'm in favor of things that make me think, and this question has definitely done that.

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