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January 2004

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January 28

The entry is here.

January 27

Tuesday in Beckyland was a whole lot like Monday. Same clothes, different day. It was still too icy to go anywhere, so I didn't. For the curious, tomorrow will be similar, at least through the morning hours. We're supposed to get above freezing long enough for some melting to happen. That will be nice, since the parking lot still could pass for an ice-skating rink.

And some people who just had to be out on I-95 last night managed to turn a portion of that highway into a parking lot. No kidding. A multi-vehicle accident (no injuries) slowed traffic so much that quite a few people took advantage of a National Guard offer of transportation to a hastily-opened shelter, figuring that would have to be a better idea than sleeping in their cars.

I've spent time today up close and personal with my delete key, thanks to the latest worm out there on the Web. I haven't had nearly as many copies of it as some people have reported getting, but I've had enough. The mail so far has all come to one of my business sites, and the vast majority has come from one foreign country.

Other than deleting worms and griping about the weather, I've done a bit of housecleaning and a little cooking during this time of enforced home-staying. The cooking was mainly to make sure that if the power went off Sunday night or Monday there would be food ready to eat, not just lots of ingredients. I'm not wild about a lot of leftovers, but there are a few things that I really like enough to eat for several meals in a row, at room temperature if need be. Those were the things I made sure to cook.

On tomorrow's agenda are some letter-writing and the making of a grocery list. And the sending of good vibes to those northeast of here who will be digging themselves out from their latest batch of wintry fun.

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