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January 2004

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January 25

For those keeping up, yes, we have some snow. It's now covered with a layer of ice, because we've also had sleet and freezing rain. So far, no power outages. The freezing rain is supposed to come back in earnest tomorrow afternoon, with another weather system. And the spring-like temperatures are not coming Tuesday, but later in the week.

Off that and onto something else...

I have a really good, quirky memory. I remember things that other people don't expect anyone to remember, like my earliest childhood telephone number which quit being such when I was five. But I forget some things that might be useful. For instance, I rarely know to the dollar exactly how much I have in my bank account (but I'm careful to keep good records, so this is okay).

Most of my friends know my memory is good, and occasionally use me as a reference tool. This is most fun when someone who doesn't know me well gets to look on and gape in amazement when I come up with the answer to some odd question like the first name of the kindergarten teacher we had, or what year something personally significant happened.

I don't rely solely on my memory. I keep records of things, like major purchases and car repairs. I keep a calendar dedicated to things like birthdays and anniversaries (but sometimes I screw up and forget to check it). I keep e-mail archives. I keep yearbooks and stray photographs. But the good memory is a useful tool that has served me well.

One amusing-to-me part of how my memory works is that if I've asked someone to remind me to do something, I will usually remember the something myself---because I'll remember making the reminder request.

I told you it was quirky!

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