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January 2004

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January 18

The other day, Christina wrote about her reading chair. I wrote to her to say how much I had enjoyed the entry, and that it made me smile because I have a reading chair of my very own.

Mine lives in a corner of my bedroom. It's an armchair, with a grand slipcover made just for it. Aunt Rebecca had owned the chair before me, and she made the slipcover. Aunt Rebecca and I shared a fondness for the color the slipcover is blue.

It rarely gets shared with company, since it's in my bedroom, but I do let people sit in it if they need to use the bedroom telephone. As long as the the person understands the chair is for temporary seating needs, it's okay.

My chair has a very comfortable shape for sitting up to read. I never use it for work things, by the way---though I have been known to sit in it and write or talk on the phone. There's a table beside it, with room for a lamp and a phone and a few other favorite things. And there's the window just beyond the table.

I don't have an ottoman --- there's no room. But that's okay---I have the foot of my bed to serve any foot-propping needs.

That chair is a happy chair. It's seen me through many hours of pleasure reading, and some writing, and some telephone calls, and some just sitting and staring into space. I love to snuggle into it with a good book, and lose myself in the words and the comfort.

And that happy chair makes me happy.

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