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January 2004

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January 16

On Fridays, we wear casual clothes to the office, if we aren't expecting clients of the sort who would look askance at casual garments. It's a job perk, and let's just say it's been many a Friday since I've seen anyone in the office wearing a tie or a pair of heels.

Today's Friday clothes for me included a light gray sweatshirt. And that shirt is apparently a stain magnet. The last time I wore it I managed to get coffee on it.

That alone didn't convince me of the stain-magnet propensity of my sweatshirt. I can go for days without having my travel cup decide to drip---but I can almost guarantee that if it does drip it will be on something light. I think that's a rule.

The shirt's magical ability to attract stains was proved today. No, not more coffee. Today's stain is a few drops of the WD-40 I was using at the end of the workday to get something sticky off my scissors.

I wasn't spraying toward myself, or even directly onto the scissors. I was spraying the stuff onto a paper towel so that I could wipe the blades. But some of the spray went, umm, astray, and landed on the front of my shirt.

Why yes, it did land exactly where you're thinking, in an embarrassing location. Luckily, by that point in the day I was the only person around to notice. The WD-40 that didn't land on me did a grand job cleaning the scissors.

And my chest hasn't squeaked all night.

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