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January 2004

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January 15

About the only public part of today was the short trip to the bank and the grocery store. The rest of my day has seen my mind occupied by work things and by a friend with whom I needed to share thoughts.

The banking was done quickly---I happened to hit a moment when there was no line waiting. When the transaction was completed I turned around and noticed that I had apparently been quite lucky in the timing---at least ten people had come in to do their banking after I had arrived. The grocery store trip was also a quick one.

You may notice a bit of tweaking to the pages here, in that there is now a bit more space to the right of the text. That's in response to a comment from Jo, who mentioned that on her screen, at 800x600 screen resolution, there wasn't a right margin. I appreciated her input, and her service as a beta test group of one after the tweak.

By the way, do follow that link---Jo's is another of the new-to-me journals I discovered through Holidailies. And that link will still take you to the portal page, where you may find all sorts of interesting journals to go read.

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