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January 2004

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January 13

On my mind this night:

Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite Planets! When I first knew that site, it not only was about San Francisco's South of Market area, but was also David's journal, now found here.

I managed to get quite a lot done at work today. On Monday, the paper fairy had dropped about a ream on my desk, some of which was leftovers from Friday's snow day. By the time I left work, the stack was considerably reduced. I am pleased it hadn't multiplied, in the way that stacks of paper frequently do when you leave them alone in a room.

After work, I came home and played my piano for a while. This is noteworthy because it's only been in the past few days that the stopped-up ears that accompanied my Christmas cold have been unstopped enough to allow me to enjoy hearing myself play. I hate stopped-up ears. I hate head colds. I'm glad this one is nearly gone.

January 12

The principle that's most important in my life is one I learned a lot of years back. It has to do with priorities, specifically with the notion that people are more important than things. Tonight, I honored that by writing to two of my friends instead of doing anything else.

As it happens, both people were in that small group with whom I keep watch. Yes, we're still very much at it, never mind that the holidays are over. We care about each other. That's reason enough to keep in touch.

By the way, that entry drew a whole lot of response. The response showed me again something I've long known---when I let my heart write, the readers' hearts respond. And that entry definitely came straight from my heart.

When I have written the first time to online writers, it's always been because something they have written has very much touched my heart. Usually that's the gist of my initial correspondence with them. A few times those first notes have been the introductory notes to friendships. And the same has shown itself to be true in terms of people writing to me.

So, in private moments, when someone's heart touches mine, I'm likely to stop whatever else I'm supposed to be doing --- like dusting, or washing dishes --- to respond. Because people are ever so much more important than things.

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