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January 2004

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January 11

It strikes me as polite but absurd to be at the checkout stand at a store and be asked if I've found everything I needed. Polite is obvious---the absurd part is that there's no way in hell I'd wait while someone went to the stockroom to search for the missing item if I hadn't found a whatever. If I really wanted something that bad, I'd go ask about it while I was still shopping. Once I'm at the checkout, I'm done.

But if it works for the other customers, I'll live with having to stifle a giggle when I assure the poor weary checker that I did indeed find everything I needed.

The other thing I did today that struck me as a little absurd was answering some follow-up questions from the census people. I recently completed participating in a series of interviews about employment. This session was about leisure time. The specific time frame the interviewer wanted to know about was from 4:00 a.m. Saturday through 4:00 a.m. today. Yes, I do mean four in the morning.

Had I not stayed home all those twenty-four hours, I might have had a wider assortment of things to tell. But I did warn him I was indoors because of the weather. And he told me not to mention anything I considered personal. So for the record, all I did yesterday was sleep, read, eat, and check e-mail. Try spreading that over twenty-four hours. See the absurdity?

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