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January 2004

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January 10

I had a chance recently to look over the website for Non-Profit Agency #2, where I worked as the secretary in charge of printing things for four years. It gave me pause to realize that of the seventeen other people who worked there when I did, only two are left.

All the other names are new ones to me. Some of my coworkers at the time have retired now, but for the most part they've moved on to other jobs.

I haven't been by the office in a while; it's off my regular route. But I'm glad that before I did have reason to go by there, I checked the website. Otherwise, I would have been somewhat bewildered when confronted with a building basically full of strangers.

I know Chapel Hill is a transitory place. It's just unusual to think of that many people --- sixteen counting me --- who worked at the same place for at least four years who just aren't there anymore.

And I'm glad there are two who would remember me.

January 9

The phrase for the weekend is "black ice." We had a small amount of snow today, and the temperatures are going to be well below the freezing point much of the weekend. So we are being reminded of the need to stay off the potentially hazardous roads. I will comply.

I complied all day today. I got e-mail from Wendy this morning announcing that the office was closed. Since I had thought there was a chance the predicted flurries might turn out to be more snow than that, I had made sure nothing with a close deadline was undone when I left the office yesterday. As I told Wendy, my inner Girl Scout was glad to have been prepared to stay home.

I spent some time on a couple of projects, along with some goofing off. I mean, that's why we have snow days, after all---to goof off. I'm pretty sure it's a rule.

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