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January 2004

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January 8

My friend Donna gets a lot of the credit for why I was warm enough today. She had sent Christmas money, and last week I had run into a sale on nylon, fleece-lined jackets. With hoods. I had a suspicion that such a garment might be very handy, so I bought one.

It is indeed warm. My notion was that it was light enough in weight that it wouldn't hinder typing or anything else I needed to do, so if I was cold in my office I could just leave it on and be comfortable.

As it turned out, the heat pump decided to cooperate a little more today than it had yesterday. I don't want to think about how much money we'll have to pay the power company for that cooperative streak, but I was definitely happy we had the heat. My jacket got kept handy for the occasional forays outside, but I was warm enough indoors that I didn't need to wear it.

As the day wore on, we all took turns gazing out the windows, wondering if the predicted late-night snow might show up earlier than planned. It didn't, but the cloudy, dark sky made the parking lot seem somehow desolate. Looking at it, I thought of being at the edge of a very strange, isolated place where cold was the prevailing environment.

I know better, of course. I know the light of day will show another aspect, and that the parking lot is hardly desolate or isolated. It certainly isn't very strange. The cold won't last, and while it does, warm clothes are a wonderful thing.

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