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January 2004

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January 7

I believe I have told you before that I am hot-natured. That only goes so far, though. There are days when even I am cold. Today was one of those.

The part of the building where my office is located has an early-model heat pump. The ones where, being charitable, any possible state of the art had yet to be achieved. And for the last few days it has proved my point.

It wasn't really unbearable till today. Yes, we're planning to talk to the landlord about repairing or replacing the thing. We'll do that tomorrow.

This afternoon, though, I was entertaining thoughts of making small fires, or of seeing if I could park close enough to work from my car, where the heater is in really good shape.

You would be right if you assume I was glad to get home, where the heat is not supplied by a heat pump. Once I got warm, I allowed myself the luxury of a very long nap.

Hmm. Those bears and the hibernation thing? I think they have the right idea.

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