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January 2004

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January 6

Retail therapy isn't something I indulge in often, but I did on my way home from work tonight. I had some Christmas money left, and I wanted an engagement calendar. I was surprised to find them on a serious reduction----I tend to think the first few days of January as being early enough in the year for calendars to still be full retail price. But that surprise was pleasant!

This sort of calendar is not intended for business use; it's more for social things. And while I do plan some more outings this year than last, the reason I wanted the calendar was to serve as a place to write down what happened during a day. Even and perhaps especially the less notable days, when the calendar notations will be on the order of, "worked, napped, played piano, did laundry."

The calendars I prefer are the ones where a week is on a page, and each day is allotted some nice blank space all the way across the page. I like the unlined ones better---for the flexibility of writing more lines than there would be printed lines, if I wish.

The glory of these calendars, which I use as a sort of journal-lite, is that years later they can show me what was going on in my life. Yes, I do keep them, and yes, I do reread them every so often.

If something is going on that I want to write about more fully, well, I have plenty of space to write about that in other venues, including this one.

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My thanks to Jette and Chip for their work on Holidailies. It's been a privilege to participate, and to find some wonderful new-to-me sites to bookmark. My thanks also to those who have come in through the portal to read entries here. You're certainly welcome to continue reading, and all interested are invited to sign up for notify messages.


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