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January 2004

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January 5

Wordshots of my day:

Apparently insulting someone is supposed to get you a sale, at least to some spammers. Someone must tell the one who wrote me this morning that I will not read e-mail that has the subject line, "Okay, you and I both know you're fat!"

One of the attorneys said to me that she was glad to be back into a normal routine today, after all the unscheduled things a holiday brings. No sooner had she said that than a problematic phone call came for her (from someone who isn't a client). After she finished the call, I asked her if she'd like to retract the prior statement.

I spent some quality time today with the law firm's shredder. We shred credit card offers, and for some reason every financial institution on the east coast decided we needed more credit cards. They decided wrong.

And if the twits from one such institution don't quit sending fake credit cards (to show us what their real cards look like, with "your company name here" as the name of the cardholder), I may start mailing them all their debris back in their postage-paid envelope.

And there you have it---Monday in wordshots.


I have been participating in Holidailies, a group of writers who promised to try very, very hard to update daily all the month of December. The time has been extended through January 6, for those who wish to continue. I was familiar with the work of quite a few of the writers, and have really enjoyed becoming familiar with others.

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