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December 2003

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December 20

Bev decided that five things for "Self Esteem Saturday" entries was probably going to be too hard to keep up with, and chose to stick with one thing at a time. I think that will work much better, and since there's one thing I'm proud of myself about on my mind today, I'll tell you about it.

I'm good at finding bargains in unexpected places. Today I happened upon just exactly what I wanted to get two of my friends for Christmas. I would have been willing to pay more per item for either of the two things, but I'm happy to report that both were being sold for a reduced price, and in a store where one wouldn't ordinarily go to look for such items.

This all falls under the broader category of paying attention, but I'll save that for another Saturday. Instead, I'll be glad I found what I found, and change the subject!

Other things I did today were a little housework and a lot of sleeping. Interspersed with those were some reading. It worked out to be a pleasant day, all in all.

December 19

Sometimes you get just exactly what you need when you hadn't quite realized how much you needed it. Today, a couple of friends showed up with word hugs just when I needed them---one in e-mail, and one on the phone. Let's just call these two non-chemical antidepressants, shall we?

I'm looking forward to this weekend's moments of rest and to some quality time with my piano. I haven't had time to just sit and play, and I realize I'm missing it. So no matter what else does or doesn't get done, I'm going to make time for that. It's a promise I'm making myself, and I'm very big on keeping promises.


I am participating this year in Holidailies, a group of writers who promise to try very, very hard to update daily all month. I am familiar with the work of quite a few of the writers, and am enjoying becoming familiar with others.

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