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October 2003

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October 29

I've been checking e-mail for the law firm's Associate 1 while she's been out of town caring for an ill family member (who is on the mend and whose progniosis is quite good). Associate 1 was to get back into town last night, but since she had not made any appointments for today, we weren't surprised when she didn't come in to the office.

She did, however, want to make sure we knew she was back safe, and had heard the latest update on the ailing one. She also wanted to let the out-of-town family members know of her safe arrival.

Her out-of-town family has long been in the habit of sending e-mail to her home and work addresses. They had sent an update on the ailing one yesterday afternoon, to Associate 1 and to several other close relatives.

Associate 1 trusted that if she didn't come in to the office, I would check her e-mail today, so her way of letting us all know what she wanted to share was to select the "reply-all" option.

And I thought that was a wonderful idea, worthy of being remembered. If you find yourselves in a similar situation, you might want to do something similar.

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