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October 2003

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October 23

I had a chance reunion today, with someone I knew from my days at Non-Profit Agency #2. We haven't seen each other in about thirteen years. Around the time my mother's health made me leave that job, this lady was moving out of town.

I was glad that our paths crossed, and that we had a chance to chat for a few minutes. It made my day that she remembered me. I think she was pleased that I remembered her, too.

That was the happy, fun part of the day. And tonight, in the not-so-much-fun part, I've had a chance to practice telling someone, "It's none of your business!" without using the phrase. It takes a whole lot of polite to do that, let me tell you.

In this case, the question was why I stayed up late. I replied that I was an owl. The questioner pestered me for more of an answer, so I wound up coming up with the politeness mentioned above, mainly to shut off the flow of pester.

Just so you'll know, the real answer is because I want to stay up late, and I can.

And by the way, unless you're sleeping with me, when I do or don't go to bed is, in fact, none of your business.

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