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October 2003

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October 22

All I want to know is who handed out the memo instructing people to be weird and forgot to give me a copy. Two people I've had interactions with this evening got it, and I am still a little dazed from the encounters.

The first happened on my way home from work. I was in the lane to go straight through an intersection, and there were several cars in the lane designated only for right turns. But one of the drivers in that lane apparently either didn't realize the lane was for right turns only, or had a mind-change, or was insane. In any case, the gender-indeterminate driver did not make the right turn.

I realized the twit wasn't going to turn in time to slow down and let said twit into my lane. This had nothing whatever to do with being polite and everything to do with disliking the notion of having an accident instead of dinner.

The driver ultimately did turn right, at the next intersection. All in all, I was glad I was following the twit...far easier to avoid trouble when you can slow down and let it outrun you. In case you're curious, no turn signals were used at any point

Much later in the evening, the second weird thing was a request from a visitor to my Rebeccaworks site. She wanted to know how much it would cost to ship five each of the types of items shown on my crochet page to her in Nigeria. I was to answer this using information from either the shipping company that has brown trucks or another company with which I'm not at all familiar.

I wrote back to her, trying to pin her down a little on exactly what she wanted. I do custom work, so to compute the shipping cost for five handbags, for instance, I would need to know what size she wanted. I also let her know that there were no items available for weighing, that I would only make items after they were ordered, and that payment was required before the work would begin.

She wrote back, trying again, and this time sent me the pictures from my site. I'm guessing she did that just in case I didn't know what it was I sold. She reiterated the five of whatever. I wrote back, stating what I needed to know a little more explicitly, and to point out the amount of money it would cost her to have me make the things, much less ship them.

And I've just heard from her again, with a partial answer to my question about sizes for one item, and asking me where to send her credit card information. I said no, since I still don't know exactly what she wants, and I've suspected she wants to resell the items. I don't make items intending that they be resold, and certainly do not offer quantity discounts.

I'm wondering how many more times she'll write before she figures out that I'm not going to make five each in any size of those items, just so I can weigh them and tell her the shipping cost.

The real kicker? The subject line indicates this is urgent!

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