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October 2003

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October 16

This has been a heavy-duty day on several different levels. On a practical one, Kathy had to leave work early for an appointment, so Wendy and I spent some time being the receptionist today. We neither one mind it, but it can be a lot like going on a trip in terms of having to pack stuff from our own offices for a stay at the desk in the lobby.

On an emotional level, after work I got involved in a conversation with several people about our parents. We all brought up things we weren't planning to think about on an early Thursday evening. It was good, and we all came away from it knowing each other better, but it was definitely not something I could do every day and still accomplish anything else.

So the bottom line is I'm tired and don't have much to say right now. Heavy-duty days will cause that.

October 15

One of my major accomplishments today was remembering to get law firm receptionist/billing clerk Ms. Nameless to tell me what name she wants to be known by in journal entries. Wendy and I had talked about this on Tuesday, and had decided it was up to Ms. Nameless to name herself.

So she did. When I had a chance to ask her this afternoon, she decided we should go with her real name, which is Kathy. I'm sure she'll turn up in future entries. Not only is she really good at the job, she also has a wickedly good sense of humor.

I had several errands to run this afternoon, including taking deposits to the bank and getting something for dinner. The second of those involved a trip to the grocery store. While I was there, I ran into my favorite client at the law firm. She and I have made vague plans to go out to dinner one evening soon, to get caught up on the parts of our lives that aren't directly related to my job. It will be good to have a chance to sit and visit.

We'll be going to the revised version of a local restaurant we both liked in its former incarnation. I haven't had a chance to go to the new one. She has, and says she's sure I'll enjoy it as much as if not more than the prior one.

The last time she and I dined together was at the old one. That evening we were seated near a blind man, who was accompanied by several human friends and his guide dog. When they got up to leave, the dog led him over to our table. We were newcomers in what was to her a familiar section of the restaurant, and she wanted to check us out.

As the dog, a beautiful Black Lab, approached, the man spoke to us, asking if we minded the canine inspection. We assured him we didn't mind at all. I was getting ready to ask if it was all right to pet her, but the dog took the need for the question away by plopping her head in my lap.

Since I've been well trained, I knew that was my cue to give ear skritches and head pats.

There was nothing for her person to do but join us (at our invitation) for a few minutes, while the dog made my friend's acquaintance in a similar, if not unexpected this time, manner. We learned a little of her history, a little of his, and thoroughly enjoyed their visit.

I wonder what extras the new place will have to offer.

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