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October 2003

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October 11

I'm at a yearning place. There are several things I'm finding missing from my life. One of those is a sense of social belonging. I'm part of several very-precious-to-me groups online, but I need something that makes me get up and go somewhere.

I've gotten quite good, in the last few years, at being a hermit. It's altogether too easy to let that happen when finances are tight and prices are high. I'm realizing more and more that I need to step out into the world. I've taken a few steps outside my comfort zone of solitude in the last month or so, and am enjoying the view from here very much.

In terms of belonging, though, I'm not sure where it is I want to belong. I know I don't want to be part of something that's hugely into fund-raising, and there are certain other things I would like to avoid. I'm exploring the possibilities in the local area.

I need to take advantage of more of the free things the University offers. I know these things exist, and I'm going to get myself up to speed on what's out there. This is one time I'm telling something in public so I'm held accountable for it. I don't usually do that---be honored, please.

Some of you who remember that I've spent a lot of my life involved in churches may wonder why going back to church isn't the obvious answer. It would be quite easy to get up some Sunday and go to church. Did that back in 1976, and don't regret it at all. But I don't want a lot of what belonging to a church entails. And they look at you funny if you announce you're only there for the music and Communion; they can keep their Sunday School and their potlucks, thanks.

And they really think it's bad form if you announce they're not doing the music or the Communion in ways that are truly right and proper. Yes, I did, and no I'm not sorry and that's about all I want to admit on that one for now.

So that leaves me looking for another appropriate-for-Becky social outlet. That, or start a church that gets together once a week for really good music and Communion...

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