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October 2003

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October 2

As close as I could get to the same spot, at about the same time of day today...

East Franklin Street at Erwin Road.

as two weeks ago.

East Franklin Street at Erwin Road.

All things considered, it's more fun without the hurricane. Even if traffic heading into Chapel Hill is about to be surprised with an ultra-long wait.

Today, Ms. Nameless and I were working on some billing matters when a client called to say he was stuck in traffic and would be at least fifteen minutes late. A little while later the same client called to find out how to get to the office from a completely different road. I was so deep into what I was working on at the moment that I couldn't come up with the names of the streets he'd need to use.

I figured I had two choices: ask the attorney most familiar with that part of town to take over the direction-giving, or ask the client to tell me what he was driving so I could go find him and lead him in.

Although the ride might have been amusing, asking the attorney to help was the better choice.

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